What is Deadlands?

Deadlands is a fictional setting for the Savage Worlds role-playing game, set in 19th century United States. Deadlands history is the history you know, until July 4 1863. After that date, much has changed.

What is Deadlands:Twilight Legion?

Who are the Rocky Mountain Savages?

Rocky Mountain Savages is an open and growing group of Savage Worlds roleplayers in Colorado. We currently run monthly games in Broomfield, Lakewood, Highlands Ranch, and Colorado Springs. You can also find us running games at Tacticon, Genghis Con, and special events thought the year.

Why is this site a wiki?

A wiki allows any registered user to contribute to the site. So once registered, you too can create and edit pages on the site.

How do I contribute?

By sharing a character, sharing an adventure, writing something, editing something, drawing something. We're interested in your creativity; and this wiki is your way to share it.

Why should I register?

Only registered users can contribute content to this site.

How do I register?

Go to the Rocky Mountain Savages website, and register there. Your registration bridges across all RMS sites, including this wiki.

How do I create a new page?

How do I "connect" my new page to the rest of the wiki?

What is a Marshal-Only page?

How do I create a Marshal-Only page?

How do I become a Marshal?

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