Pregenerated Characters

Provided here are a list of pregens for new players who don't have the means or the desire to generate their own characters. No names or backgrounds are provided so players can come up with their own.

With Deadlands : Twilight Legion, we are also supporting a number of our fine friends who make various gaming aides. We do this both to be aide agnostic, not preferring one over the other and to also let people know all of the good things that are out there!
For those with HeroLab, the pregens are here.
For those with Wild Card Creator, the pregens are coming soon.
For those of you who want to check out the new campaign management tool TavernKeeper, the campaign file with the pregens is here.
If you know of other ones and would like to share, please let us know!

The tables below present each character in two formats: 1) Stat-Block format, and; 2) D:TL Character Sheet (front and back). Stat-Block format is the default output format from Hero Lab. Character Sheet format presents the character on the official Deadlands: Twilight legion character sheet. In most cases, the backside of the character sheet will contain little information, but it provides a list of gear, if your character has any.

Note that all of these pregens have their 10 XP so they can be used with no additional work.

Note: the Character Sheet is a large image file — allow several seconds for it to load completely.

Pregenerated Characters
from Deadlands Player Guide
Stat-Block Format On D:TL Character Sheet D:TL CS Backside
Blessed Blessed Blessed
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter
Common Folk Common Folk Common Folk
Deserter Deserter Deserter
Drifter Drifter Drifter
Escort Escort Escort
Explorer Explorer Explorer
Grifter Grifter Grifter
Huckster Huckster Huckster
Immigrant Immigrant Immigrant
Indian Brave Indian Brave Indian Brave
Indian Shaman Indian Shaman Indian Shaman
Law Dog Law Dog Law Dog
Mad Scientist Mad Scientist Mad Scientist
Muckraker Muckraker Muckraker
Outlaw Outlaw Outlaw
Prospector Prospector Prospector
Soldier Soldier Soldier

Specific kinds of characters
Stat-Block Format On D:TL Character Sheet D:TL CS Backside
Whately-blooded (female) Whately-blooded (female) Whately-blooded (female)
Whately-blooded (male) Whately-blooded (male) Whately-blooded (male)
Texas Ranger Texas Ranger Texas Ranger
Union Agent Union Agent Union Agent
Gambler Gambler Gambler
Eastern Martial Artist Eastern Martial Artist Eastern Martial Artist
Confederate Soldier Confederate Soldier Confederate Soldier
Grim Servant o' Death Grim Servant o' Death Grim Servant o' Death
Voodooist Voodooist Voodooist

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