Twilight Legion

Twilight Legion

The Twilight Legion is a shadowy organization that has existed in one fashion or another for over two thousand years. The organization keeps a much lower profile than the more well-known Explorer's Society, and while they sometimes don't see eye to eye, they rarely lock horns with each other, having different goals and approaches to their objectives.

The Twilight Legion's primary responsibility is to fight the monsters that exist at the corners of the world and to do so without drawing undue attention to themselves. In that manner they are more like the Union Agents and the Texas Rangers. Indeed, many of the Legion's members can be found in both organizations.

Since the recent explosion of strange occurrences in the American West, the Twilight Legion has grown from a few old librarians maintaining an ancient library to a relatively large and vibrant group, charged with not only fighting the strange and supernatural, but also collecting information and even samples of such creatures for further understanding and study.

While not all of the Legion's upper echelons are known, several are familiar within the organization, particularly among new Legion members. One that many new members are likely to meet is Orane LaBonaventure, the voodoo priestess.

While it is not a requirement that all characters be members of the Twilight Legion to play in Deadlands: Twilight Legion games, it is easier and some perks acquired during the game may only apply to Legion members.
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