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This is a fan-based wiki supporting Deadlands: Twilight Legion — a shared Savage Worlds RPG campaign, managed and administered by the Rocky Mountain Savages (RMS) .

Everyone is encouraged to edit, contribute, and critique Deadlands: Twilight Legion content. This wiki and the organization of the Rocky Mountain Savages Deadlands: Twilight Legion campaign is approved by Pinnacle.

Why Deadlands: Twilight Legion?

The purpose of Deadlands: Twilight Legion is to allow characters to play in "official" Deadlands adventures and gain advances, so they can run recurring and growing characters in conventions and game store games. It is not designed to run PEG's big existing plot points, but rather to take advantage of the large number of one shot adventures that are out there and to give local GMs a chance to write adventures for all that showcase our Rocky Mountain Wild West history! We're using the Twilight Legion as our umbrella organization and not the more well known Explorer's Society so as allow us to have a sense of continuity without worrying about conflicting with prior or future canon.

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Historical Disclaimer

Deadlands: Twilight Legion takes the opening line of the Deadlands Player's Guide, "The year is 1879, and the history is not our own..." to heart. Since the divergence point between the Deadlands world and the Real World is July 4th, 1863, anything that happens after that date is open to modification (and maybe even some before). People appearing in Deadlands: Twilight Legion who may have actually lived during that time may or may not do the things they did in real life, or they may have done them sooner or later or differently as well. We want to take advantage of our rich Rocky Mountain history in the games, but we also don't want to be restricted by recorded history getting in the way of running a fun game. Likewise no one should use anything presented here as a history lesson, even if you recognize the names and events!

Copyright Notice

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