Please allow me to introduce myself

Allow me to introduce myself

Re: Please allow me to introduce myself

Postby CowboyJoe » Sun Sep 06, 2015 10:04 pm

Howdy y'all!!

My name is Joe Putnam, aka CowboyJoe. Like most of us here it seems, I've been playing RPG's for about two decades now. The first game I ever ran was Deadlands, before it died and had a Savage rebirth, and it remains one of my most-run games. As a native Texan and civil war buff, the setting was fairly familiar for me :-). Being military, I've grown used to running with small groups (at the moment the "group" consists of myself and one other guy...), which makes Cons a unique opportunity. Though I prefer playing, I do enjoy running, often because that seems the surest way to get a game of what I want to play :-). Hoping to cut my teeth on Con GMing at Genghis next spring, so look me up when it comes time to register!!
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Re: Please allow me to introduce myself

Postby Meister Miller » Mon Sep 14, 2015 9:21 pm

Greetings, fellow Savages!

My name is Mike, but there are always too many of those, so Miller usually works best. I'm a gamer who does all his gaming at Crit Castle in Aurora, and I'm been part of numerous Deadlands campaigns in that store over the past year-and-a-half. I also recently became their first Oithling (I have a post on that under the General Savagery section) and should be running Low Life sooner or later depending on some circumstances. The RMS definitely needs to list Crit Castle as a store (at least as of the time of this post) since we host Savage Worlds gaming (especially Deadlands) every single Tuesday. We ended up with a group of 10 people and one GM, so we're now two separate groups with one of the players taking up being a GM. Both groups are currently running through The Maze, building up to the fight with Brother Grimm, but we've ended up in countless other situations before, and who knows what our futures hold!

I'm just a dude that likes his Savage Tales to be awesome. I'm a fan of every savage setting I've played in so far, and have nothing but high hopes for any more to come. Just stopping in to say hi and to get both my name and my favorite local game store out there. It's great to be a member of the Rocky Mountain Savages (if not yet, then hopefully very soon), and I'm looking forward to what's to come.

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Re: Please allow me to introduce myself

Postby SavageBull » Tue Sep 15, 2015 9:22 am

Meister Miller wrote: The RMS definitely needs to list Crit Castle as a store (at least as of the time of this post) since we host Savage Worlds gaming (especially Deadlands) every single Tuesday.

Hey Meister Miller, welcome to the forum!

Love to hear that so much Savage goodness is going on at Crit Castle. Austin and crew have been a big hit running games at the Cons too.

Where are we missing listing Crit Castle? We'd be happy to add them anywhere we've missed.

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Re: Please allow me to introduce myself

Postby Meister Miller » Tue Sep 15, 2015 11:58 am

Heh, nevermind. Just found the locations list and saw we're there, so scratch that.

Otherwise thanks for the warm welcome!
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Re: Please allow me to introduce myself

Postby Crassus » Mon Sep 26, 2016 11:14 pm

Hi, I'm Cameron and in Westminster, CA. I started role-playing when i was 8 years old with neighbor kids/teens with Red box basic D&D, then tried AD&D 1st Ed. It wasn't till i was 12 that i moved and found a hot bed of gamers in my new neighborhood. So we formed a jr high group of AD&D 1st Ed and then AD&D 2nd ed when that came out. I gamed with different groups though jr. high and high school. In 1989 Shadowrun came out and by 1990 RIFTS by Palladium books was published. So everyone was bored with high fantasy i bounced between two groups of gamers one playing Shadowrun and the other RIFTS. The GM for the Shadowrun group moved away so i volunteered to pick up the slack to be the group GM and run it being the group rules lawyer...(I was the only one that knew most of the rules to run the game.) *shrugs*

That group/game ended up running through high school and half of college. I discovered Game conventions from Dragon Magazine and Whamo! Organized play was the thing for me! I refined how i ran games. I started including recorded sound effects, props, hand outs, miniatures and detailed terrain for combat.

So around 1994 I heard about this new game everyone is going gaga over called "Vampire: The Masquerade." I start playing in local groups at the FLGS (friendly local game store). I was hooked! Storyteller system of gaming, immersive role-playing, and music to set the mood and theme. A game that was more 3D in scope. I had to jump on this band wagon and started running it at conventions As a table top LARP style for the rest of the 1990's. Also, I formed a 3 storyteller/group coalition for a end of the world campaign. A werewolf group, a mage group and i ran a Mixed group as a Pentex Corporation Ranger First team. (think suicide squad with all evil corrupted supernatural creatures plus ALOT of guns) This 3 group campaign played till the end of the 1990's and the end of the world happened in game so we concluded.

So after 12 years of gaming i took a break. I chased women and my wife caught me! Went back to school to get a career, had kids, and then missed gaming...My kids like games and they like to play them with me. 2nd generation established!

I went to convention with my daughter (first time for her) over a year ago and found a group of Immersive role players in open gaming. The acting/storytelling types. They ask me if i like rifts and i do and have GM experience in other games. They request me to run the Rifts RPG. So I plan and prepare for the next con.

A year ago i run a 4 player game at the convention open gaming area. Then we had a now 6 player game at one of the players homes a few months before the Convention in may 2016. For the next Convention I thought we needed to move out of open gaming and have a private room like the ones for the RPG dept. I go to the RPG HQ and ask for a room and run a event with their "Game on demand" option. We get a room with another GM that doesn't mind music and 6 players sign up and bam 1st official con game. During the game 4-6 people walk in to see if it is true that a Palladium Rifts is really being run and request I do it next con.

So I set up a website/social media page to display all in and out of character content, and social banter. Players will keep their Character sheets, ill have an e-copy of their PC's online on the website, and anyone can join in the living RIFTS campaign though these outlets. This allows other RIFTS GM's that want to join the living campaign and run games in it with me. Yes if another GM's group nukes a Coalition base somewhere else in the game world all the other groups hear about it.

The online community here:

Then I discover the Megaversal Ambassador program on Palladium Books website! I join the team, request Swag, get the GM kits and write up a adventure for the Con. May 2016 Convention All 8 spots are full and get 1 overflow. We decided to include the couple trying to get in the game. One of the players is Damon Sutton who wrote an article in The Rifter #53 publication.

At the sep 2016 convention the head of the RPG dept for Strategicon conventions Jim Sandoval Friday informs me he's had 10 people asking for the sign in folder Saturday 2pm so they can get into my game. I show up to run my 8 hour game saturday at 2pm. Sixteen people walk in the room all trying to get into my Rifts game! I work out with Jim Sandoval the head of the RPG Dept to Schedule another 8 hour game on Sunday the next day at 2pm for all the overflow people and puts out a event sign in sheet for it.

The Saturday Group doesn't finish the adventure and everyone wants to get back together Monday to finish the adventure. So, I work out with Jim another Game on Monday for 8 hours... The Sunday Game kicks off with 6 players and runs 10 hours. Yes from 2pm to 12am! They don't finish the adventure. I offer them to show up for the Monday game and knock it out of the park. They agree! Ok the Monday game comes together we run for 9 hours. We finish this bad boy of adventure. After 8+10+9 hours= 27 hours of playing/GMing RIFTS!

P.S. The facebook group/community is now21 25 people now.

The staff at Palladium Books suggested to look up Pinnacles organized play group to join since im converting to Savage Rifts now.

Thats why im here!
“Guys, we are a badass action movie team made entirely
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