Please allow me to introduce myself

Allow me to introduce myself

Please allow me to introduce myself

Postby SavageBull » Fri Mar 02, 2012 12:23 am

Hi, my name is Christopher and I've never been convicted of a felony. That's me in the avatar giving the world a piece of my mind, and I haven't changed much in the decades since.

I got into the hobby in middle school playing a wizard named Maldron in AD&D who had a Staff of the Magi and never spent a charge on it because the other wizard in the party had the same staff and we bickered over who should spend their charges in service of the party and thus have fewer charges than the other wizard. I remember hanging out in the Red Dragon Inn on AOL online back in the day and the last module DnD I played was Dragon Mountain (yeah Psionic Monkeys). I got nostalgic for RPGing years later in college and ended up buying every single Al Qadim module and box set on Ebay thinking that I'd run an epic 1,001 Nights Campaign and have yet to play a single one of them.

With maturity came a desire for a system that rewarded more interesting characters and still had mechanics for doing creative problem solving and one of the source books I had for my Arabian Nights campaign was from GURPS. That led me to investigate that system given how well done and prolific their source book material was and I'm a big fan to this day, being an active member of the DenverGURPS group where I play at least once a month. I think GURPS is superior in the depth of detail and balance you can bring to a character as written on the character sheet, along with game mechanics that feel very natural given the bell curve distribution of 3d6. It's an adult system for adult games. But with complexity comes a time burden to create and play.

Savage Worlds runs fast, is cinematic versus realistic / simulationist, and it seems to be incredibly easy to put together NPCs and scenarios. I've liked all the games I've played in so far and think that this is a nice compliment the sorts of games I enjoy in GURPS. There is also a huge community who run SW games at cons here in Colorado, something that just is not happening in GURPS, so I think this system will be a welcome mistress.
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Re: Please allow me to introduce myself

Postby Highroad » Fri Mar 02, 2012 5:41 pm

Roger here, you may remember me from Smiling Jack's Bar and Grill Episode #8, or maybe you don't. Either way.

Been gaming for I don't know eleven years. Cut my teeth on the world's most popular game system, and then came over to Savage Worlds I think because of The Game's the Thing but I can't be certain. My favorite setting to date is Deadlands, but I'm really enjoying Agents of Oblivion the more that I read it and I'm about to pick up Interface Zero which I've heard many positive things about. I tend to run games more than play in them and I'm looking forward to getting some RM Savage action down here in the Springs.

I have a wife, and a dog, no kids as of yet but we did foster two boys for about fourteen months which was quite an experience. I'm currently working toward becoming a special education teacher. When I'm not gaming I'm usually asleep. When the weather gets warmer I'm planning on doing more hiking this year and tackling a few more fourteeners. I knocked one out last fall and had a blast so I'm looking to repeat the experience. I'm currently not playing in any regular games, but my friends and I typically throw out a one-shot here and there as our schedules permit.

And that's me in a nutshell.
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Re: Please allow me to introduce myself

Postby Lord Inar » Sat Mar 03, 2012 8:57 am

Marc Gacy here.

I'm the "relief" GM. When the call goes out "A GM is missing!" I'm there!

Been playing RPGs since 1979 with about a 10 year break in the middle.

Phase I was (in order of discovery) D&D->AD&D->AD&D/Arm's Law->MERP/Arm's Law, The Fantasy Trip, Villlains and Vigilantes, Runequest, Chill->TimeMaster, and Call of Cthulhu
Phase II is (in order of discovery) The Fantasy Trip, D&D 3.5, old White Wolf, Savage Worlds, Star Wars Saga ed, D&D 4th ed., Villains and Vigilantes, and new White Wolf
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Re: Please allow me to introduce myself

Postby Gobbo » Sat Mar 03, 2012 6:21 pm

Lee "God of Gaming" Langston here. I have been gaming since 1978 and have played it all [almost]. I started with D&D when it was a small white box with three little books and had Hobbits in the game before they changed them to Halflings due to the Tolkin Society threatening legal action. I have played every edition of that game and tons more [Traveler, Rifts, Twilight 2000, Villains & Vigilantes, Champions, crap... the list is too long to go over it all...], as well as miniature wargaming, CCGs and even LARP.
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Re: Please allow me to introduce myself

Postby Savage Mommy » Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:14 am

Savage Mommy here. I have been gaming since the early 90's. I started playing 2nd edition, but 3rd came soon after I started. I found out about Savage Worlds on TGTT and went out and bought 3 copies of the Explorer's edition. I was running a 3.5 game for a group of kids at Attactix at the time. I converted the game from 3.5 to SW and haven't looked back since. The kids game has been all SW since that time. We just finished "The Flood" and have started an Agents of Oblivion game.

The Rocky Mountain Savages came about because I thought there was not nearly enough Savage Worlds gaming at our local cons. Right before Genghis Con 2011, I got together with Neal Hyde to see what we could do about this. Out of that conversaion, the Rocky Mountain Savages were born. This has been a wonderful experience for me. I have meet a ton of great people because of this group. I hope that we keep the momentum and that the group thrives for along time to come.

Some of you may or may not know the story behind the whole "Savage Mommy" thing. I have Veronica Blessing to thank for this. She mentioned on one of the TGTT podcasts that I was like a Mom at the Con. I was making sure everyone had what they needed and I was taking care of the SW judges. I posted that I didn't think that was a cool name. I said I thought I should be "General Savage" or something like that. Well that turned out to be a big mistake. The next thing I knew, Justin of Wombatcast posted that "Savage Mommy' it was! Well I've come to see it this as a term of endearment and decided if I was going to be "The Savage Mommy" that I should own it!

Thanks to everyone who has run games, built websites, helped out in any number of ways or have just been members of the group. I love this hobby and this group has come to mean a lot to me.
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Re: Please allow me to introduce myself

Postby Nostromos » Mon Mar 05, 2012 5:28 pm

Brian Ingram here...aka Nostromos.

Been gaming since I was about 8 years old with my brother and his friends back with D&D (1st edition) and then moved onto 2nd edition during my High School years. Played a bit of Rifts, Gurps, Twilight 2000, Cyberpunk during HS and college but mostly stayed with D&D. Took a break for a bit and got back into it briefly when 3rd Ed. D&D came out..but my group unfortunately fell apart...finally got back into it about a year and a half ago running a 4th edition D&D game and since then got the Savage Fever at Genghis Con 2012. Already dumping my 4e campaign for Hellfrost and running a few one-off Deadlands.
Brian Ingram aka Nostromos
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Re: Please allow me to introduce myself

Postby JustinSuzuki » Mon Mar 19, 2012 9:25 am

Hi, my name is Justin and I am a...ooops...wrong forum

I have been gaming for most of my life and I discovered Savage Worlds just a year ago. I've pretty much gone SW full time and I love it.

You may have heard my voice on Smiling Jack's Bar and Grill as I have recently become a co-host of that show. So I don't mind talking Savage Worlds. Hope to get to game with you all!
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Re: Please allow me to introduce myself

Postby mrken » Mon Mar 19, 2012 7:30 pm

Hi all;

Last week I bought SW Deluxe and the Fantasy addition. Been looking to get back into GM'ing, but wanted to get a more widely accepted rule set. For years I have used a very simple and fast paced homegrown set of rules. Con go'ers tend to enjoy the rules I built because of the ease of learning. Regulars at my table seem to want to add a lot more detail than I feel comfortable adding. So, because of the things I have been hearing about SW, I thought this is the rules to get into.

Guess what I am looking for is a group who play on my side of town (Aurora), or, a game on Saturdays. Kind of limited in time because of family commitments. Not really a big role player, but I would like to learn to use the rules so I can run some more games at the Cons. That means I need to join a group who have been playing for a while.

My main interests are fantasy or historical. I also enjoy building terrain. Just finished a small keep about 18" tall to join the last one I built. Have been building another small castle for some time, but my card stock stuff has kind of become interesting. Anyway, I love minis and terrain on my table when I play.
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Hello colorado area

Postby SavagePanda » Tue Mar 20, 2012 1:11 pm

Well let me introduce myself.

My name is jeff. I am in my earliest of my 40's and I have been gaming since I was 16. Yes thats me over there in the corner reading the savage worlds deluxe rulebook. No, No, The Bald Big guy. well I just started getting into savage worlds about two weeks ago. I am looking to start up a new campaign and was looking for something simple to run it with and a person I know suggested Savage Worlds. So I gave it a try and here I am. I love the system it's fast and simple and easy to convert ideas into. you can usually find me at Total Escape Games (TEG)s on tuesdays. I play many different systems but I am currently likeing Savagew Worlds.

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Sherman in Fort Collins

Postby Sherman » Tue Mar 20, 2012 11:42 pm

This is Sherman from Fort Collins (not originally, but been here 15 years or so...) I'm a life long RPGer, started in '80 when I was six and played everything I could get my hands on for years. The last six or so years Savage Worlds has been my game of choice. I'm also a miniature gamer and I really like to set a scene with figures and all the props I can find. I also study rules, not so I can break them, but so not knowing them doesn't slow the game down and so I know how to handle players who do want to break them...

I'm also the owner (along with me wife) of Gryphon Games & Comics in Fort Collins. We carry a fair bit of Savage Worlds!
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