Please allow me to introduce myself

Allow me to introduce myself

Re: Please allow me to introduce myself

Postby FatSteve » Mon Feb 25, 2013 12:09 pm

+b My name is Steve and I live in Boulder, but I don't do marathons, triathlons, or ultra-marathons (which makes me fat by local standards :roll:). I've been gaming since 1980 when I found that it was much more interesting than my high school classes. Naturally, I started with D&D (before the A came and went) and almost immediately started changing the system as a GM because I didn't like it that much. Then I got into what eventually became Rolemaster (which is great if you like to slow things down - way, way down - and get into the details). I played sporadically through the 80's and have been playing regularly since the early 90's, mostly as a GM. Over the years I have tried several other systems that I liked (Hero, Savage Worlds, SpaceMaster, Space Opera, Traveller, etc...) and a few that I didn't (4th edition D&D). I've been really getting into Savage Worlds lately and I just ran my first few con games at Genghis. I had a blast and I'm already working on some ideas for Tacticon. I love that it is so easy to "Savage" other game settings.
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Re: Please allow me to introduce myself

Postby _oddi_ » Mon May 27, 2013 6:18 am

It would seem this is the place for introductions. Hmm yes good.


I am Vanessa (though I prefer the nickname Oddi), the artsy-fartsy cripplingly socially awkward demon spawn of Neal5x5. My spirit animal is the potoo bird, which is a bird that kind of forgot how to bird. I use some unusual emoticons, such as: "owo", "uwu", "(◡‿◡✿)" and if you make me angry, "hold my flower i am going to murder someone (ʘ‿ʘ)ノ ✿". there's also this thing i do where i don't care about spelling, grammar or punctuation. i tend use gifs to describe my feelings because since i am a teenage internet-dweller and i often understand the feelings i have.
i spend much of my time drawing, writing, or crying about various television shows and books because i get really emotionally invested in things. you'd think this is a good thing but no, it's traumatic and i'm 90% sure it has destroyed my life.

i have been gaming off and on for about five years, but i didn't start Savage Worlds until three years ago. now i go to War of the Dead sessions every other weekend with my dad, and when i am not doing that, i am busy converting people to the gaming scene and using my GM Monkey dad to run games for my friends and i. my favorite setting so far has to be Sundered Skies. uwu
my dead WOD character, Harley DeQuinn, has a spot on my wall. she died in a truly epic fashion.
the potoo bird is my spirit animal.
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Re: Please allow me to introduce myself

Postby scott.coleman » Tue May 28, 2013 6:38 am

_oddi_ wrote:...though I prefer the nickname Oddi...

Welcome Oddi!

It's about time you publicly declare your Savage nature... for only a true Savage would hug a satchel of C4 and dive into a mass of zombies.

- Scott
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Re: Please allow me to introduce myself

Postby Soupboy_swim » Tue May 28, 2013 4:20 pm

Hi All,
I am Chuck and I live in Parker. I began with D&D Basic/Expert and moved on to AD&D in the 80s. Most of the playing was hack and slash with virtually no role playing. Skip three decades or so forward with no pen and paper RPG play and I find that I am back. I have three 11 year old children with a fourth 11 year old to be placed home this summer. I started them out with Gamma World 4e because of an edict to avoid evil/demon/devilry. Think along the lines of a Monsters & Mazes vibe/fear from the edict issuer. The kids enjoyed the Gamma World setting but combat encounters felt a little long for them.

I just picked up the Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer's Edition fairly recently. I have been perusing the book and am trying to get a better feel for the flow of the game and a little quicker in prep and set up. Time is always a juggle in the Casa Del Soup so speed of preparation and play are always factors.

I am happy to have found the RMS community and look forward to what comes next.
So Sayeth the Soupboy
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Re: Please allow me to introduce myself

Postby Savage Mommy » Wed May 29, 2013 8:51 am

Welcome to all our new members. Happy you have found us.
Chris "Savage Mommy" Fuchs
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Re: Please allow me to introduce myself

Postby sazyanti » Fri Sep 20, 2013 6:05 am

Hi I'm Shawn and I'm a Savage Worlds addict. I've been playing and running SW for nearly 8 years now and every time i see another game system i just remember how much I love Savage Worlds. I have recently partnered up as a writer and coordinator for the Shaintar Justice and Life Campaigns from Sean Patrick Fannon. I'd like to invite everyone to check out the site at Come hang out, if you dont knwo what Shaintar is then you must be living under a rock. Its one of the best high fantasy settings available and the newest version has just been released. We have over 40 more products schedule for release for the system in the next 2 years and an amazing staff of GM's and "Raven's Flock" that are helping to create a true living campaign world where your own actions in the game are documented, shared, and even impact the world around you. If you have questions please feel free to contact me I'll be happy to help and hope to hear from some of you soon.
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Re: Please allow me to introduce myself

Postby gwhicker » Fri Sep 20, 2013 8:19 am

Hi all I'm Gary. I've been gaming since the D&D white box days in the 70's and my RPG addiction shows no signs of letting me loose from its icy claws. :) I've played/GM'd a large variety of systems with my favorites being D&D (All flavors including Pathfinder), GURPS & M&M .

Within the last year I picked up Savage worlds and it is quickly becoming my favorite for any game that's cinematic or pulpy in theme. What really blew me away though is that I went to my first Con ever (Tacticon) last month and saw first hand the amount of enthusiasm for the game. From my all too brief exposure to the RMS community I can say without reservation that it's a great group of people. Thanks to everyone who organized and put Savage Saturday nights together during the con and for being so welcoming to new players!
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Re: Please allow me to introduce myself

Postby token-horseman » Thu Feb 20, 2014 7:51 pm

Ni Hao, Pardners.

I am new to the group. Thanks to Chris Landauer runnin' a Savage game of Deadlands at Genghis Con, I will be hanging out with you fine clever folks. Thank you for letting me be in your digital sphere.

I am a 15 year (maybe more) Veteran of the Weird West. Yeah, in most Savage circles, that is a bit longer than most Worlds having existed. I do sometimes have a hankerin' for those old ways with them Pinnacle publishings of Deadlands. I do like the new titles, plot point adventures, and savage mayhem campaigns too.

I do reside in Albuquerque, NM. I am certain my Watermelon Mountain (Sandia Peak) is part of the Rocky Mountain Family. I don't know fully what it would take, but I'd like to get a group together down here. Start running a few Savage Saturdays for the locals. Maybe invite a few RMS ringers, if and when they are in the area.

I do have a request. Those egghead smilies making faces at me, are missing a brother. Can anybody add a Roswell-like alien head? Maybe with antenna.

Anyhoot, I'll be scheming out some adventures down here on my side of the keyboard. I didn't get to drop into the Savage Star Trek, but I hear it was fun. Aside from prior obligations and a day job, I've been exploring the work on Savage Shadowrun. Ran a trial out on and it played very well. If anybody is interested in finding me there too, then I go by the display name of Stash. Since they have had a few updates, I don't remember how the Player Directory or search function works. Sorry.

In the meantime, Stay Safe and Happy Gaming!
Jesse "James" Rexroad

update: 53-2014 ~ ...about that Savage Shadowrun, here is a work in progress.
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Stay Safe, and Happy Gaming!!
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Re: Please allow me to introduce myself

Postby Derek J. » Thu Feb 20, 2014 8:21 pm

Greetings to you down "south of the border."

We've long talked about, but never executed, trips outside of the Denver Metro area. A number of us thought it would be cool to make a road trip to places in NM and WY to run games if the player base was there or at least enough people expressing interest to actually show up should some GMs make the trek.

Anyway, until those dreams come true--welcome to the online community and best to you in your endeavors in the Land of Entrapment.
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Re: Please allow me to introduce myself

Postby Lord Inar » Thu Feb 20, 2014 10:53 pm

I will be heading down Albquerque way a couple of times this summer, so maybe I can squeeze a game in (either running or playing).
I have a good friend who lives in Bernalillo that I'll be visiting.
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