How to Push Forum Posts into My Inbox

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How to Push Forum Posts into My Inbox

Postby scott.coleman » Sun Aug 19, 2012 6:53 am

For those users who would rather have RMS Forum posts pushed to their email inbox, we can almost accomodate you.

I say "almost" because, technically speaking, the posts are delivered to your "Feed Inbox", not your "Email Inbox"; but since the Feed Inbox, for most of us, is just another tab in our email client, who cares?

Chances are, your email client [Outlook, Thunderbird, AppleMail, etc.] is also a "Feed Aggregator". If you point a Feed Aggregator at a "feed" [a source of appropriately formatted web content], the content from that feed appears as though it is "pushed" to the Aggregator. So for example, if you setup your email client to receive feeds, and point it to, say, a CNN news feed, then CNN headlines and story links appear in your Feed Inbox. Even better, if you were able to point your email client to a feed of RMS posts, those posts would appear in your Feed Inbox [though not your Email Inbox].

Gee, if only the Forum supported feeds. Well, good news, Savages... the Forum has always supported feeds.

So getting RMS Forum posts in your inbox is simple!
  • If you already subscribe to other feeds [many times referred to as RSS or ATOM feeds], simply add "" as another feed subscription.
  • If you've never subscribed to a feed before, you'll need to follow the client-specific [Outlook, Thunderbird, or AppleEmail, etc.] instructions for enabling and configuring built-in feed support, then simply add "" as your first feed subscription.

[Feeds are inherently unidirectional, so your can't "reply" to a post embedded in a feed. As an alternative, a link to the original Forum post is included with each feed item. You can click on that link, to post a reply.]
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