How you can help the Rocky Mountain Savages

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How you can help the Rocky Mountain Savages

Postby SavageBull » Mon Feb 20, 2017 3:35 pm

Savages! Arrrrrwoooooooooooo!

Coming off a great GenghisCon, I wanted to answer a question several of you were eager to ask: how can I help? The short answer is: just do it. Have a good idea? Spearhead it. Want to host an event? Put it out there.

As you saw at Savage Saturday Night we handed out a lot of Super Bennies this year to recognize and thank the contributions of our Savages. All these folks self-started and showed initiative in organizing and running events to support gaming and the club. Here are some examples:

*** Donald and Andre'a Arnold hosted multiple events at their home in the last year, several painting nights and our GM seminar / mini game day.

*** Darrell Hardy helped spearhead that game day and organized the events with the other GMs.

*** Sean Patrick Fannon established the Monday Night Savages open game and helped present at the GM event.

*** Sara Martinez launched the four-year ETU living campaign. And she and Chris Martinez have painted miniatures at our game nights.

*** Joe Thomas created PVC stands for our club banners and worked with Oscar Simmons and Matt to visit game stores all around Colorado Springs and Denver to deliver fliers he made to advertise the conventions. He has also been hard at work developing a GM Bootcamp event as well.

*** Dave Weiss, Toan Ngo, and Amber Ngo all helped paint miniatures and create terrain for our games at the events the Arnolds hosted. Chuck Thronton deserved to be recognized in this group as well, but the laser murdered his Super Bennie.

*** Scott Coleman has long supported the club (designing our blast templates, etc.) and went above and beyond to support the Twilight Legion games by buying and constructing The Rambling Moose Saloon (RMS... get it...) which was on display SSN and will make its debut in future TL games.

Those are the sorts of things you all have done this last year to step up and make this state more savage. All these folks did these things themselves, they weren't delegated, the offered, they showed up, they just got it done. So if you're interested in doing the same, there's nothing stopping you. You don't need our permission to help. If you're unsure, just ask.

There are already brand new members who are asking and delivering on new projects, like David Garrett whom I'm sure you'll all welcome as a great new member of our tribe.

The only thing we don't need are good ideas that don't also come with the desire to make them happen. Fuchs and I already have enough on our plates, so "It'd be really great if YOU GUYS did this" would be much better if it was actually "Hey, this is a great idea and I'd be happy to make it happen."

That's it. Just think of fun stuff and make it happen. We're a tribe, not a dictatorship. Our leadership isn't based on title or inheritance, it's based simply on participation and initiative. You don't need our permission to do great and savage things, just go do them! And we'll help when and where we can, but don't forget that there are a lot of other savages out there willing to help if you just ask.

We are so lucky to have the largest, most active, and most innovative Savage Worlds community in the world. We have more published SW authors than anywhere else in the world and that number is growing every year. We run more Savage Worlds games than anywhere, ever, by a huge margin. We bring in more Savage Worlds guests from other places than anyone else. And this is because of all of you. It doesn't happen without all our GMs, all our players, and all the folks who step up with new ideas and make them happen.

+b So if you want one of those awesome Super Bennies, stand up and be Savage! +b
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