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GenghisCon 2015 Game Submissions

Game submissions for GenghisCon 2015 are Now OPEN!

The DEADLINE to submit a game through the RMS is Thursday, November 13th, 11:59 pm.

GenghisCon 2015 will be held from Thursday February 12, 2015 through Sunday February 15, 2015 at the Raddison Denver Southeast/Red Lion Hotel, Aurora Colorado.
Address: 3155 S Vaughn Way, Aurora, CO 80014
Phone:(720) 857-9000

"Savage Worlds," "Savage Worlds - Realms of Cthulhu," "Savage Worlds - Deadlands," etc.
The name of your adventure; e.g.: "Savage Warblammer 39,997.2K," "Murder at Sector 47," "Riders on the Warpstorm," etc.
The Who/What/When/Where/Why of your adventure to entice players to join and set the expectations for your session. Include a maturity rating if necessary and indicate if beginners are welcome and if characters are provided.
The name of the Game Master(s) hosting the event.
How many players slots are welcome at your event?
Slot 1: THU 7PM-11PM Slot 2: THU MIDNT-4AM Slot 3: FRI 9AM-1PM Slot 4: FRI 2PM-6PM Slot 5: FRI 7PM-11PM Slot 6: FRI MIDNT-4AM Slot 7: SAT 9AM-1PM Slot 8: SAT 2PM-6PM Slot 9: SAT 7PM-11PM Slot 10: SAT MIDNT-4AM Slot 11: SUN 9AM-1PM Slot 12: SUN 2PM-6PM
There are 4 tables at each 2 hours slot for ConJunior at Genghis: ConJr Slot 01: Friday 7pm -9pm ConJr Slot 02: Friday 9pm - 11pm ConJr Slot 03: Saturday 9am - 11am ConJr Slot 04: Saturday 11am - 1pm ConJr Slot 05: Saturday 2pm - 4pm ConJr Slot 06: Saturday 4pm - 6pm ConJr Slot 07: Sunday 9am - 11am ConJr Slot 08: Sunday 11am - 1pm ConJr Slot 09: Sunday 2pm - 4pm
The GM's e-mail. Used only if there are any issues with the submission.
Is this a NEW submission or an UPDATE to a previously submitted game?

GenghisCon 2014 Events at a Glance

Registration for GenghisCon is now open.
You can view ALL of the Savage Worlds offerings organized by timeslot here:

GenghisCon Events at a Glance.

Genghis 2014 Submissions

Genghis 2014 games have been submitted to the DGA. Thanks to all our GMs who will be hosting over 80 Savage Worlds games at the convention!

Tacticon 2013 Events

Tacticon2013 is being held from Thursday August 29th through Sunday September 2nd 2013 at the Red Lion Hotel in Aurora.

You can view a complete list of the RPGs available at Tacticon 2013 listed by day and time-slot.

You can download the entire Tacticon2013 Convention Booklet.

Rocky Mountain Savages

Rocky Mountain Savages is an open and growing group of Savage Worlds roleplayers in Colorado. We currently run monthly games in Broomfield, Lakewood, Highlands Ranch, and Colorado Springs. You can also find us running games at Tacticon, Genghis Con, and special events thought the year. If you'd like to grow the RMS community by running a regular game or special event in your area, let us know.

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