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TactiCon 2016 Game Submissions

Game submissions for TactiCon 2016 are now OPEN.

TactiCon 2016 will be held from Thursday September 1, 2016 through Sunday September 4, 2016 at the Hotel Eleganté Conference & Event Center, 2886 S Circle Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Phone:(719) 576-5900

Christopher Landauer will be organizing RPGs for TactiCon. E-mail Chris Landauer
Christopher Landauer is the Game Coordinator for the RMS. E-mail RMS Game Coordinator

Please fill out the form below to submit your game for inclusion in the Convention. GMs who submit 12 hours of content will have the cost of their convention badge reimbursed when they submit their finished game forms to MSTB at the con.

If you need to make a correction or cancel a game, please RESUBMIT the form and mark the appropriate box at the end.

The name of the Game Master(s) hosting the event.
The GM's e-mail. Used only if there are any issues with the submission.
MSTB ID number found after creating an account here:
"Savage Worlds" unless you're submitting another system. The sub-genre goes in the next field.
"Deadlands," "Widening Gyre," "Star Trek," etc.
The name of your adventure; e.g.: "Savage Warblammer 39,997.2K," "Murder at Sector 47," "Riders on the Warpstorm," etc.
How many players slots are welcome at your event?
A brief description of your event. This is limited to 250 characters.
The Who/What/When/Where/Why of your adventure to entice players to join and set the expectations for your session. Indicate if beginners are welcome and if characters are provided.
The maturity level of your event using the standard movie ratings.
The experience level a potential player should have to join the event.
Minimum age a person needs to participate in your game. If you have no minimum age, enter 0.
Maximum age allowed in your event. No maximum, leave it at 150.
Round or Rectangle or Special
Number of tables required. If you have special requirements, enter 0 and describe in the special requests field.
Optional special requests such as table layouts, etc. or anything not covered by the other fields.
Duration of your event in minutes. 60 = 1 hour, 240 = 4 hours.
The date you want to run your event on.
Is this a NEW submission or an UPDATE to a previously submitted game?

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